Why is this a story?

Just not sure why this is a story.

(CNN) — Yes, Beyoncé can sing — all by herself, thank you very much.

That much she showed Thursday, when she opened her appearance before reporters in New Orleans — where she’s set to headline the Super Bowl XLVII halftime performance Sunday — with a stirring, a cappella rendition of the national anthem.

It was the same tune she sang just over a week ago at the inauguration of President Barack Obama

But on that momentous occasion, Beyoncé admitted on Thursday, she had some help.

The world-renowned pop singer told reporters that “she decided to sing along with my prerecorded track,” a decision she made in part because she didn’t have time to rehearse with the U.S. Marine Band.

“I did not feel comfortable taking a risk,” Beyoncé said. “I wanted to make (Obama) and the country proud.”

Perhaps there’s a deer antler spray that could have given her more confidence.

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  • It’s absurd that this is even an issue at all. This isn’t Milli Vanilli or anything.

  • I was shocked all the others in the past didn’t sing along to a pre-recorded track. In big venues I would advise anyone to do so as it sounds much better.

  • Mike M

    A sublime yet profound interplay of entertainment, politics, and self-doubt. I just wonder why this hasn’t made world-wide headline news.

  • Darryl Willis

    Honestly, this is an age old practice (ok, ok–an exaggeration) that at least dates back to the Beatles. I remember and interview where McCartney and Lennon admitted that in some concerts when the crowd (i.e., screaming, hysterical teenage girls) were screaming so loud they could not be heard, they just mouthed the words to give their voices a rest. The only difference was they didn’t have pre-recorded tracks…no one could have heard the singing anyway! 8^)

  • Darryl Willis

    And of course it leads to the question: “So what?”