Apps Recommendations

Kevin Smith has his list of top apps to know about, but I wonder what your recommendations might be.

News, calendars, diaries, taking notes, organization, etc?

I come across a lot of apps as Business Insider’s resident app expert.

Some apps are great. Others are total duds. But there are only a handful I use every single day.

These apps are all useful and fun. They help me stay informed, on task, reach goals, make sure I look good, and keep me entertained.

You may have seen a few of these before, but that’s because I really stand by them and actually use them each day.

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  • jon

    on iOS:

    day one (diary)
    reeder (rss reader)
    fantastical (calendar)
    camera+ (photography)
    twitterific (twitter)
    launch center pro (launcher)
    drafts (notes)
    omnifocus (todo)
    peterson guide for birds (ebook)
    ruzzle (game)
    letterpress (game)
    instacast (podcasts)
    myfitnesspal (calorie tracker)
    dark sky (weather)
    soulver (calculator)

  • I wrote an quite post about the iPad apps that I have found most useful as a seminary student.

     iPad Apps I Use Most in Seminary

    Besides that, my most-used apps (mostly for Iphone):
    Google Voice
    Yahoo Sportacular
    Ebay (one of the most useful and best-designed apps)
    MyFitnessPal (excellent calorie counter)
    Google Drive

  • Annabel

    Love this thread. I’m always looking for good apps.
    My favourites: (iPhone and iPad)
    Logos (use every day, esp. for original languages. I have lots of commentaries and it links to all of them, and I have them when I travel)
    IA Writer
    Camera+ (not “plus”)
    E Wallet (essential for all those passwords)
    Packing Pro (makes packing a breeze)
    iBird yard (my grandchildren love this one)
    Bread and milk (grocery list; I use this all the time)
    All Recipes
    I’ve tried various notebook, diary, and news apps, and I’m not really happy with any of them. Some are just too complicated. What recommendations?

  • JoeyS

    If you teach this app is really helpful, especially for grading papers:

  • Hootsuite – social media management
    Google Maps – sorry Apple
    BBC News app
    Passbook – keeps information in one place
    The Weather Channel
    Instagram – social media for the visually engaged
    Soundcloud – for identifying music

  • John B.

    SecureSafe (password cache)
    PrayerMate (prayer organizer)
    Worldcat (global book search engine)
    Trailers (movie trailers new and old)
    Sleep Machine Light (background sleep noise)
    TalkStreamLive (syndicated talk shows)
    PJ Media (media website)
    Sermon Audio (sermons for 100s of sources)

  • Peter

    One app I really recommend is The Daily Office by Mission St. Clare. Liturgical readings and prayers for each day, morning and evening, from Episcopal Book of Common Prayer. I’m not from a liturgical background, but I’ve grown to really enjoy using this for my times of prayer, meditation, and reading.

  • Steve A

    OneNote is really a great app for taking notes, collecting information, etc. It uses a notebook/folder/page structure that makes it really easy to stay organized and you can save it in the cloud and access it on any device.