Pope Benedict XVI to Resign

From WSJ:

ROME—Pope Benedict XVI intends to resign at the end of this month as he feels he lacks the energy to continue in the job, his spokesman said Monday.

The pontiff announced his plans in the Vatican in Latin at a consistory meeting on Monday, the spokesman said.

The resignation, which will be effective at 1900 GMT on Feb. 28, means that a new pope should be in place by Easter.

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  • EricW
  • Greg D

    EricW beat me to it. This new development has sparked some interest in the next Pope. Conspiracy theory or reality?


  • Mark Edward

    Hah. A friend and I were discussing this just last night. People need a doomsday to be scared of, and with the Mayan shindig over this was the next on the list we could think of.

  • TJJ

    Makes me think the old scholar and perhaps deeply spiritual man saw more of the corrupt and corruption up close and personal than he wanted to see or deal with and decided he didn’t really have the stomach for it anymore, and if so I cant fault him for that, in fact I admire him for that!