Tubby Smith — Danceshaking

Tubby Smith, relentless coach that he is to make his teams better on D, lets loose with some danceshaking. One suspects Tubby might now become the darling of college students:

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  • Kyle J

    Having watched most of it, I can tell you this scene was much more exhilarating than the game itself.

  • TJJ

    Awesome! Tubby keeping it real with his players. love to see your version Scot with some Sem students!

  • Rob Henderson

    I’ve always loved Tubby, especially in the years he coached my beloved Wildcats. I still wish he would have stayed at UK but understand the incredible stress he was constantly under. Great dance moves. Maybe this Wesleyan pastor could learn a few moves?

  • http://www.apprentice2jesus.com Dan

    Love Tubby, but losing to Iowa after that win… ugh.