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  • Rick

    I like Joe Thorn’s comment on this:

    “Rumor is I was a small part of the inspiration for this. I certainly do look like one of these characters. And while “Neo Reformed” probably isn’t the best category for an aging guy like myself, the description is spot on.”

  • Samuel

    I love this!!

  • marko

    does make me think of two beard twitter feeds, scot. the feed of my own beard:; and the humorous Beard of Christ:

  • Mark Stevens

    Scot, I notice you are the complete antithesis of this graphic! 😉

  • scotmcknight

    For about 12 years of my professor-ing life I had only a mustache, Mark. Cut it off… never looked back.

  • alan hirsch

    Mmm, where do I fit now? Not quite in there. :)

  • Scot McKnight

    Alan, is that irony or litotes?

  • Evelyn

    Er-hum, and women in ministry? I trust we are not required to acquire facial hair 😉

  • Ariel Price

    Ok that’s hilarious.