Women and Business

The State of Women Owned Businesses – An infographic by the team at The State of Women Owned Businesses

"Thanks Karl. In Bondage, his theology of Divine Sovereignty overlaps with God's grace and the ..."

It’s About Certainty
"Thanks Steve. I don't see it as vague generalities, but rather principles where the application ..."

Both Can’t Be True
"I think you are right. Thanks! I'll change it above to see the difference."

Both Can’t Be True
"Marshall--and Tom: good thoughts...and yet Paul doesn't appear to be speaking in vague generalities--as in: ..."

Both Can’t Be True

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  • phil_style

    I can vouch for linked-in as a professional social-tool, above the likes of Facebook etc… I would definitely expect men in business to feel similarly to women on that count. .