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Weekly Meanderings, February 23, 2013

Image credit. Adopting mom deals with the serious question: ““Why did their Mommy and Daddy not want them?”…  …was the question that was dropped into my lap as I was sitting on the floor, with an elementary-aged girl, in our Children’s Worship Room this past Sunday. This young girl had just recently immigrated to the [Read More…]

Multi-Tasking: Productive?

Source: via Workplace on Pinterest [Read more…]

Young Catholics and the Catholic Church

From Barna: [Read more…]

From the Shepherd’s Nook: John Frye

Defining the Jesus Way Imagine gathering a group of friends who are committed to following Jesus, that is, who desire “to live the way Jesus would live if he were in their bodies.” That’s a John Ortberg phrase. Imagine you take the Gospel of Luke and you study it together in a specific way. The [Read More…]

Fresh Air, with Jack Levison

Mark Stevens conducted this excellent interview with Jack Levison, who has written an excellent book on the Holy Spirit and I’m posting the whole interview here with Mark’s permission. Interview with Jack Levison Mark – First of all let me congratulate you on your new book Fresh Air: The Holy Spirit for an inspired life. [Read More…]


Top 10 Time Killers – An infographic by the team at OfficeTime Time Tracking [Read more…]

DIY Spirituality

Joel J. Miller writes good posts, and this clip from a recent one one tweaks some noses: Believers in largely ritual-less forms of Christianity, for instance, have trouble establishing a healthy sense of self, according to Danish philosopher Matias Møl Dalsgaard of Aarhus University. Rather than getting direction from tradition (including the church calendar, regular periods of [Read More…]

Connecting Gospel and Work (RJS)

The final section of Tim Keller’s new book Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work explores the ways in which the gospel should shape and focus our work. The four chapters in this section cover a new story, conception, compass, and power for work. What story do you see yourself as a part [Read More…]

An Old Question Not Yet Settled

An issue for conversation, an issue I find arising more and more often in New Testament discussion. That issue is often called “supersessionism.” At work here is a simple question: What happened to Israel (or to Judaism, or to faithful Jews) when Jesus came? Did Jesus “replace” Israel with his kingdom people, the church? (That [Read More…]

Women and Business

The State of Women Owned Businesses – An infographic by the team at The State of Women Owned Businesses [Read more…]