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Weekly Meanderings, February 9, 2013

John Dickerson, on Dan Cathy’s most recent friendship: “Scripture calls believers the “body of Christ.” Meaning, we are today his physical presence in the world. If we all follow Cathy’s example, perhaps the body of Christ will behave as Christ himself would behave.” Speaking of which, see this? Send up a Thank you God. “Just after [Read More…]

Atheist Ten Commandments

They’re not “formally” commands, but they are ten principles to live by: Alain de Botton’s ‘list for life’ Resilience: Keeping going even when things are looking dark. Empathy: The capacity to connect imaginatively with the sufferings and unique experiences of another person. Patience: We should grow calmer and more forgiving by being more realistic about [Read More…]

Go to College

From The Atlantic: Here’s what this graph does not say. It doesn’t say that college is guaranteed to get you a job, especially right out of school. It also doesn’t say that college drop-outs are destined to be unemployed. There are 150 million people working or trying to find work right now. That’s a lot of data [Read More…]

From the Shepherd’s Nook: John Frye

Pastoral Poetry In the last post we attempted theological poetry with “Jesus the Poster Boy.” Here is an example of pastoral poetry. One aspect of pastoral ministry I enjoy is talking and listening to old people, people in their late 80s and early 90s. In an age when we warehouse old people in care facilities, [Read More…]

Can Gays Change?

Can sexual orientation or same-sex attraction change? This is the question Justin Lee in Torn asks and it is also, from a few years back, the one Jones and Yarhouse ask in chp 7 of Ex-Gays?. The consensus of the American Psychological Association (APA) is that orientation cannot change. Justin Lee agrees with them but [Read More…]

20somethings — Good news

From The Art of Manliness: At age 20: Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard and cofounded Microsoft, and Sir Isaac Newton began developing a new branch of mathematics. At age 21: Thomas Alva Edison created his first invention, an electric vote recorder, Steve Jobs co-founded Apple Inc., and Alfred Tennyson published his first poetry. At age 22: Inventor [Read More…]

That Reduced Tip

The story is now known, but there’s a bigger story as sketched by Brian Palmer: When Applebee’s tried to impose an automatic 18 percent tip last week on the bill of Atlanta pastor Alois Bell, she crossed it out, reduced the tip to zero, and added the note, “I give God 10%, why do you get [Read More…]

(In)Justice in Jesus’s Name (RJS)

In Chapter Four of  The Reason for God Tim Keller broaches a topic I have found a real stumbling block over the years: If the Christian story is true why has the Church been responsible for so much pain and injustice both large and small? We must address the behavior of Christians both individual and [Read More…]

Zealotry’s Environment

Zealotry is the choice to protect holiness by living beyond what the Bible says, and it finds in that zeal a source of immunity from being wrong. I contend that zealotry reflects an absence of trust in God’s Word. Its motivation is the fear of freedom. Its environment is inevitable: judgmentalism and boundary-marking that together [Read More…]

Soledad’s “Starting Point” Axed, but why?

From Newsbusters: When the story went viral that the network had ended the program because of its audience’s ethnicity, a CNN spokesman responded: To clarify, Feder’s issue with “Starting Point” was that the audience was too small and happened to be predominately comprised of minorities. A source close to the show insists that the ethnicity [Read More…]