CS Lewis on Prayer — Audio

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  • William Varner

    Thanks much. How doe we access part two?

  • scotmcknight

    Will, I haven’t found it…

  • Merv Olsen

    Thanks Scot for posting this audio.

    It’s one thing to read C.C.Lewis’ books – it’s quite another thing to actually hear his voice!

    And what a great little message he has left behind for us all to take on board …. as pertinent now as it was more than 68 years ago!

    “out of ourselves and into Christ” was one of my many favourite little phrases.

  • http://restoringsoul.blogspot.com Ann F-R

    Here’s part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYoU5_MQOU0

    Thanks for linking part 1, Scot! His wisdom encouraged me, this evening. He has the gift of using metaphors to help us appreciate God’s other-ness. :)

  • http://restoringsoul.blogspot.com Ann F-R

    Lewis carries on in the 2nd address with finding who we are in Christ, by “losing what we know call ourselves”. What he says about where we focus our efforts and thoughts is wonderful. We actually don’t “gain” our real selves – who we were really intended to be – which are waiting for us “in Him” by focusing on these current selves.

  • http://chrisborah.com Chris

    Lewis’ own reading of The Four Loves on audible.com is a great listen. Thanks for this!

  • http://gratefultothedead.wordpress.com Chris Armstrong
  • http://tfj1943.blogspot.com Tom Johnson

    Let’s correct the misspelling if “inspiration” in the opening lines. Thanks for the posting.