Fountain Pen Reality

It doesn’t make you more intelligent, even if makes you feel intelligent. (HT: SS)

My favorite fountain pen is made by Pelikan.

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  • Don

    I’ve been writing with the same Waterman fountain pen for over 20 years!

  • PLTK

    Ha ha. Since reading your last fountain pen post I purchased one of my own. It is more pleasurable to use it to write. My 9 year old daughter has seen me use it and has since asked to borrow it and if she could have one of her own. She does love to journal, so I am going to give her one for her next birthday.

  • scotmcknight

    PLTK, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

  • Bo

    When I was in fourth grade we started writing with pens, ball point and fountain. I thought writing with a fountain pen was exciting. I especially liked removing the cap to replace the cartridge. I also liked the way the pen flowed and thought the writing looked more pleasing. Unfortunately, the ball point pen won the battle by fifth grade.

  • Blessed Economist

    Does it have a button for posting to the web.?

  • Jim Sullivan

    I am another fountain pen conversion story. After following this blog for a few years and I asked that my family get me a fountain pen for Christmas last year. They got me a Lamy. I loved it so much that I got my wife and my father-in-law each a Pilot Metropolitan with some Diamine Ink and converted them.

  • Dave Z

    When I was a kid I went through a fountain pen phase. In my parents desk drawer I found a couple of old ones – the kind that had to be filled from an ink well. They had a little internal bladder and a lever on the side. Pull down on the lever, stick the tip in the ink, release the lever and the pen fills itself up. A mechanical marvel! Later I moved to the cartridge type and later still to a ballpoint. These days I’m fond of the Pilot Razor Points; somehow they seem more “fountain pen-ny”, but now, thanks to this post, I may have to go look for the real thing.