Go Run on Dunkin’!

A man attempted to rob a Dunkin’ Donuts and a fast-thinking worker used coffee as her (anabaptist-approved) weapon:

When the clerk refused to make the change, the man announced he was robbing the store and tried to climb through the window, police said.

“He rushed himself, tried to get out of his car. That’s when I realized he was serious. I tried to close the window. He put his arm in it. He knew not to touch, because he knew there would be fingerprints,” said Angelica, the Dunkin’ Donuts worker who did not want to give her last name.

That’s when she threw hot coffee in the man’s face, police said.

“I did see his coffee that I made him, so I looked at (it) quick, threw him the first one. Looked at the pots of coffee and threw the pot of coffee at him. That’s when he started running into his truck and then he left, and I said, ‘Go run on Dunkin.'”

Whatever that means!

"Stealing/reposting content without at least linking back to the source. Great."

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  • Paul D.

    Dunkin’Donuts slogan is “America runs on Dunkin'”

  • scotmcknight

    Paul D, but why did she say “Go”?

  • Warren

    I like this, not that’s funny.

  • Rick

    But was the pot of coffee too much? Should she have used a small coffee cup instead?

  • metanoia

    First they came for the guns . . . 😉

  • Richard

    “anabaptist-approved weapon”???

  • Andrew Harshman

    I wondered about that too. It sounds pretty violent to me. Wouldn’t an anabaptist do something a little more loving? Like give them the money? Or something to distract him?

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    We had it with your discipline
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