Northern’s DMin in Missional Leadership

For us at Northern and involved in the DMin program the good reasons to do a D. Min:

  • Get trained to lead my church into the new challenges of ministry in context.
  • Get trained to be a leader/change agent resource for the churches around me geographically.
  • Get trained to become a capable practicing contextual theologian discerning what and how to be church in the contexts I am presented with in my ministry locale.

At Northern Seminary, we’ve been working on the D Min Missional program for several years now. We’ve brought in a plethora of scholar practicioners like Craig Van Gelder and Al Roxburgh (an esteemed graduate of Northern). Now I’m a part of the mix. We’ve made some adjustments and we have even more teachers coming in the years ahead adding diversity and gender. We are committed to bringing the top missional theorists/practicioners as well as missional theologians together to teach, dialogue, learn together in the program. Our first cohort that started in 2011 is well in mid-stream and excelling. It’s one of the few D.Min programs where the student is guided by a theologian (David Fitch) from the first course to the project/dissertation completion (although we have many thesis supervisors, David will sit on all final committees). The program’s imprint is firmly in place. Congragulations to every one who worked hard on making this happen including the outstanding pioneering students in the first cohort.

We have our second cohort beginning this June. I am not surprised by the interest shown. It appears we’re close to closing the class (we’ve had almost no advertising whatsoever! How did this happen?). We have 2 to 3 openings available before the class is maxed out.

If you’re interested you need to look at this post and learn more about the program. Check out the descriptions of the 7 seminars closely. If this excites you, then you need to ask yourself can I put in a regular rhythm of study (1 to 2 hours a day 4 or 5 days a week). Can I afford it? there’s an affordable plan that the admissions office can talk to you about. Then you need to get your application filed by April 1.Go on the website in that last post I linked. It’s going to be another rich rich time of working together. We at Northern are psyched to say the least.

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  • I am excited to be a part of the new cohort beginning this coming June.

  • Tim Hallman

    Scot: I’m very interested in this program. I checked out the post you linked as well as other pages about the program. What I didn’t see was any kind of schedule for the cohort. How often does the cohort meet? Do classes correspond with a traditional semester? When would the first cohort meet in June? Sorry for so many questions, but June will be here soon! And my wife will be asking me these questions in the morning! Ha!
    Thanks for the info.


  • Tim,
    The cohort meets twice a year for one week each time. The course schedule for the program is:
    DM7614 Missional Ecclesiology June 3-7 2013
    DM 7015 Becoming Doctors of the Church Jan 13-17 2014
    DM 7618 Bible in Context Sept 15-19 2014
    DM 7045 Biblical/Theological Reflection on Ministry Jan/Feb 2015
    DM 7613 Incarnating the Gospel in Culture June 2015
    DM 7616 Missional Leadership Jan 2016
    DM 7060 Thesis Design June 2016
    I can answer other questions if you e-mail me through .
    David Fitch

  • Thanks David (and Scot!): I appreciate the info. I’m in the process of filling out the application this afternoon. My wife and I are excited about the possibilities with this program at Northern! I’ll will email you if I have any more questions.

    Thanks again!