Cars or Phones?

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  • TriciaM

    Interesting. Ditched car two years ago and live happily without a tv for a third of the year. Losing my computer would have a huge impact on my life, followed a few steps back by my mobile phone. (45-54 bracket)

  • Kullervo

    Losing access to the piece of technology as an individual, or like, that piece of technology being erased from the earth?

    In any case, I use the phone all day, but I walk to work so I often go all week without getting in a car.

  • Rick

    It would be interesting to see this done geographically in addition to age.

  • Pat

    At 48, I would have to say my car would have the most negative impact. We don’t have the greatest public transportation where I live and since moving into a rougher neighborhood recently, I wouldn’t be a fan of the walk from the corner to my house. A computer I could use my work computer or go to the library. I don’t use a lot of talk time on my phone currently and have a landline at work and at home. TV I could get used to going without.