Now Drinking Ruli Mountain

I’m drinking Ruli Mountain from Land of a Thousand Hills, a very fine coffee.

Light and sweet. Floral with hints of apricot and roasted almond. Maybe a touch of chocolate, too.

One of the delights of Land of a Thousand Hills coffee is their logo: Drink Coffee. Do Good.

Land of a Thousand Hills is proud to contribute to justice, reconciliation and hope in coffee farming communities throughout the world through Community Trade. 

Our Community Trade philosophy begins by providing a fair wage to our farmers. We see coffee as our highway of trade into a community. From there, we have the opportunity to build relationships. Community Trade champions the direct needs of our partner villages, building upon their God-given talent and equipping them to be better coffee growers. We believe forgiveness and reconciliation take root when people seize hope. When you buy our coffee you help families provide for themselves, you build homes for orphans, give care to widows, and most importantly, give hope to our coffee communities.

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  • Sounds nice, how do you have it?

    Over time I have come to appreciate South American coffees. I like strong, very strong, roasts for espresso based drinks.

  • scotmcknight

    Mark, they sent it to me. I met them at a speaking event and I purchased some coffee and every now and then drink some of their coffees.

  • Haha. I meant how do you have the coffee, as in what kind of coffee are you making with it. It seems our two countries are separated by a common language! 🙂

  • scotmcknight

    Cafe Latte.

  • You know, I give up coffee for Lent. Could you just hold off bringing up stuff like this for another couple weeks?