Working People

"And at that moment of giving up everything (ie. their life) they were perfected. Which ..."

Why Did Jesus Demand “Perfection”?
"Tricky that 'the Good Book' can't quite agree even on whether God's law is perfect... ..."

Why Did Jesus Demand “Perfection”?
"Although this comment is more applicable to a previous blog in this discussion, I post ..."

The Trinity: Not from the Bible ..."
"John 17:23 has Jesus praying that believers would be "perfected in unity" or "become perfectly ..."

Why Did Jesus Demand “Perfection”?
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  • Phil Miller

    They forgot one – the engineer. They’re there to tell you all your dreams are unrealistic, over budget, and destined to fail.

  • Pepy

    The engineer is there to re-engineer whatever you were supposed to do.

  • Klasie Kraalogies

    I was going to say something about accountants, but maybe I shouldn’t… :)