Grace in Concord

CenterPoint Church in the heart of Concord, NH, is a grace-filled ministry where stories of grace fill the air, and I was honored to be invited to CenterPoint, where David Butler is the lead pastor. In their preparation for Easter and beyond, CenterPoint is focusing on the question “Who is Jesus?” and I was invited to speak about the Appeal of Jesus.

We hear so much about how cold the church is in the Northeast but my experience is that there’s serious stereotyping at work as once again we witnessed a lively, vibrant and caring Christian community in the heart of the State’s capitol.

Thanks to David and Gail Butler for the kind invitation and for the good conversation at lunch at The Bedford Village Inn and Restaurant, where we each a light lunch on our way down to the airport. Thanks, too, to David for good conversation Saturday evening with you some young leaders at CenterPoint.

Relief point: I was glad to hear that Gordon Macdonald was in attendance at CenterPoint, but I was especially glad to hear of his presence after I was done speaking! An outline of the teaching, which included 45 minutes of teaching and then 15 minutes of Q&A.

What do you think of Jesus? Who was he? Who is he for you?

What kind of person enters Jerusalem on Palm Sunday as Jesus did — mocking Rome?

What kind of person says: Matt 5: 17-20; Matt 11:5-6

1. Consider his radical practice at the table: Mark 2:13-17

2. Consider his orientation in ethics: Mark 12:28-32

3.Consider his style of teaching: parables. Matt 13:31-33

4. Consider his demanding call to follow him: Sermon on the Mount

I had more points but we didn’t have time to develop them.


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  • Andy W.

    I live in NH and I can attest to it’s chilly reception to church. Glad you felt warmed by your visit to CenterPoint. That’s too far north for me. There is a real need here for 3rd way churches. Any church planters out there on Jesus Creed…southern NH is in need!

  • RJS

    It looks like this was a good session.