Regent Course on Kingdom

I will be teaching a course on kingdom of God at Regent College this summer… think about signing up:

Regent College is embarking on the 44th Annual Regent College Summer Programs ( with a line-up of 40+ courses that have been carefully selected to help equip people to live out their faith in the world. Regent’s Summer term is different from the regular terms in that it is a term filled with rich teaching from a wide variety of world class faculty, lunchtime concerts, prayer retreats, and weekly free evening public lectures. It’s a great time to dive into a courses about history, theology, and Christianity for the pure pleasure of learning, while enjoying Vancouver in the summertime!

Regent College Summer Programs ( is designed so that people get to experience the best of what Regent has to offer, without the rigours of a regular academic term. The courses last only one or two weeks, are held a few hours each morning and afternoon. It really is like a summer camp for adults where they students can unwind, learn from world renowned faculty (JI Packer, Mark Noll, Chris Hall, John Stackhouse, Jim Houston, Roger Lundin, Bruce Waltke, etc.), while taking in Vancouver at its best, and partaking in all the extra-curricular activities (lunchtime concerts, chapel, connecting with faculty, attending free public evening lectures and more)  The Regent summer offering runs from May to August and this year five tracks of study are being featured that include: 

Core Faith: designed for anyone wishing to take their understanding of the faith a big step further with courses in Bible, church history, theology, and spirituality.

Today’s Global Church: ideal for pastors, church planters and innovators, youth workers, and missionaries to further advance their leadership and discipleship skills in a rapidly changing Christian church.

Faith and Venture: ideal for those in any profession who are seeking to integrate their Christian values with the pressing demands of the workplace. Courses are focused on business, entrepreneurship, leadership, and teaching.

Art and Faith: ideal for artists, film makers, art administrators ,and art lovers. Courses topics include: literature, poetry, and film.

Quest and Journey: these include off-site courses in Nairobi, Kenya and on Galiano Island, BC. Perfect for those seeking active adventure in their spiritual and theological education.

And here is a link to the discount details on our website:
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  • Barb

    Hey, sounds like a great use for my passport!

  • Bob Wilson

    I have been richly blessed by Regent’s Summer School during more than 15 summers, and I wouldn’t miss this class on God’s kingdom.

  • Nice to hear you’ll be in the neighbourhood! Will have to see if I can make this work.

  • Barb

    Where do the out-of-towners stay?

  • I’m signed up for the course, as well as the 2 Corinthians course with J.I. Packer. Looking forward to an enlightening and educational summer.

  • Malcolm Kern

    Barb (#4): I’ve stayed at WestCoast Suites ; at the Carey Centre ; and at St. Andrews Hall ; all of which are on campus, about 10-15 minute walk to Regent. VST also has summer housing available, but I’ve never stayed there
    I’m sure Regent can give you some more ideas, too.

  • Alan K

    Regent College–simply the best summer school on the planet.

  • Brad

    for those that can’t make it, do you know if there will be a chance to purchase audio/video after the course?

  • scotmcknight

    Brad, I don’t know. Please contact Regent if you would like to know.

  • Hi Brad! Regent Audio ( plans to record several of the courses being offered this Summer. Courses will be available in the fall for download.

    If you have any other questions regarding Summer Programs, please don’t hesitate to contact us! (