Redundant Spending

From USA Today:

WASHINGTON — Redundant federal programs are leading to billions in waste, congressional auditors say, and the government is slow to adopt reforms to fix the problem.

The White House says President Obama recognizes the problem and will propose eliminating redundant programs in the budget plan he releases Wednesday.

Among the 31 areas of duplicative spending, spelled out in a report by the Government Accountability Office obtained by USA TODAY:

• Government agencies are spending billions on new mapping data — without checking whether some other government agency already has maps they could use.

• At least 23 different federal agencies run hundreds of programs to support renewable energy.

• Each branch of the armed services is developing its own camouflage uniforms without sharing them with other services.

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  • metanoia

    And that’s just a tip of the iceberg. Let’s hope they are serious about that. But I’d like them to tackle the spurious grants they give for dubious research and then get serious about pork projects. Since 2010 the Federal government has spend the equivalent of over $50,000 per household per year. That is just above average household income. Granted, a portion of the tax income come from businesses, but how can we continue to allow our government to spend on that level?
    At my age it would be tempting not to care because there is a good chance I won’t be around when the economic apocalypse takes full and center stage, but I have children and grand-children and it sure does suck to be them.

  • Larry Barber

    Federal spending per household peaked at about $31,000 in 2009 (thanks to the bailouts), it has been declining ever since. This level of spending is among the lowest among all the OECD. There are many countries that spend proportionately more and have done been doing so for a long time, with no apocalypses. The problem in the US is that we don’t get much for our tax money, if there is going to be an “apocalypse” it will be from the collapse of our empire, not because we spend too much.