Man Saves Dog

What’s your caption?

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Baptism Of Infants, One More Time
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Baptism Of Infants, One More Time
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Interviewing John Frame

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  • Inchristus

    Dog’s best friend!

  • gloria

    Heartwarming picture.

  • Nick White

    You’ll never leash me again!

  • Pepy

    I’ve got your back!

  • Alan Rose

    Tallest dog rescued.

  • Josh

    Rover hates cats, but he’s dreadfully afraid of catfish
    …especially the vicious kind that lurk in muddy flood waters.

  • Tom


  • Ann F-R

    Don’t you dare call me “Piggy”! His name is Willard, and I’m Queenie!

    (dating myself via movie allusions…)

  • nate s.

    wait, Rex, why is my back warm? REX!!

  • Adam

    Up periscope.

  • Dr. Fundystan, Proctologist

    Faster, Shaggy!

  • Nils

    Beautiful pic. I like your one nate.