Wrigley Field and Lance Berkman

The Texas Ranger evidently doesn’t like our home field:

“If they’re looking for a guy to push the button when they blow the place [Wrigely Field] up, I’ll do it,” Berkman told the Star-Telegramand Dallas Morning News.

“It’s one of the worst places in baseball for, well, just about anything. I really don’t like it. I read where they got approval for some more upgrades. Count me in the group of people extremely happy to see that. I guess I’m just spoiled. “There is a tremendous history associated with it and there is something special about playing on the same field that guys like Babe Ruth did. But really, what kind of history is there? It’s not like there has been one championship after another. It’s mainly been a place for people to go and drink beer.”

I’m thinking when this guy goes fishing he will only fish after some sonar finds the fish.

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  • I’m going to Wrigley in a couple of weeks — largely for the history. I’ll let you know, however, if Berkman is correct. As for those championships. At least 2 of the last three have come via of the much more recent AT&T Park!

  • norman

    Berkman has a great reputation in Houston where he played at Rice U and for the Astros in their heyday. He has enjoyed great facilities in Houston and that appears to have colored his thinking. I also might mention that he is well respected Christian who attends bible studies with people I know.
    He also is sharp enough to know that Chicago will do what they want no matter what he says regarding their facilities.

  • Wade

    A potential HOFer disses Wrigley? A nice little illustration in Chicago for when Jesus spoke poorly about the Temple. How could he say that?

  • Nathan

    Lance is never afraid to tell people exactly what he thinks. However, even as a Cardinal fan it will be hard to see such a place like Wrigley be upgraded and changed.

  • TJJ

    Well, yes at some point they will have to build a new stadium that looks like good ole Wrigley Field. But until then, for those of us who grew up in the Chicago area and are longtime Cub fans, and who went to Cub games with their Dad as a kid at Wrigley, yeah, it is a religious experience almost, certainly spiritual, and full of nostelga and tradition and warm feelings, good memories. I take my sons at least once a year, and often two or three times, and it is a bonding experience for us like no other.

    Players come and go, teams lose year after year, doesn’t matter, it always takes my breath away when I walk up from the lower walkway, up the tunnel/ramp, and suddenly see the emerald green field, the ivy walls, the wooden scoreboard the ancient bleachers and upperdeck, for the first time each season. I was there with my father to see Banks and Santo and Wiiliams and Fergie, I have been there with my sons to see Sosa and Sandberg, and Grace and Wood, and now Castro and Rizzo, and soon I will have a grandson old enough to go and we eill go together too, and I know my sons will take their sons to games someday, and they will say….that is where me and my Dad used to sit, etc.

    All that transcends the players, the teams, but not really wrigley, Wrigley is the thread that ties it all together for me. So for no I guess yes fix it up e modernize it, but I hope they don’t change the iconic elements of it too much.

  • Todd Jordan

    Scot, as a Texan, sorry about those comments. God hasn’t been happy with Texas since Jerry Jones fired Tom Landry, and we blew up Texas Stadium. I was hoping we had gained favor with the Rangers, but, after those two World Series heartbreaks and now the way we are treating Nolan Ryan, I bet the Cubs win the Series before a Texas team does.

  • Greg

    As long as the Cubs and their fans like it, they should keep Wrigley as is. I’ve visited once, but I’m not a Cubs fan. I enjoyed the history and being able to be so close to the players, but it was not a comfortable experience (thinking seat size and bathrooms, etc.). If you Cubs fans like it, you can have it! (As a Reds fan, I love our new [2003] Great American Ball Park! I was not sad at all to see the home of the Big Red Machine, the stadium of my father, Riverfront Stadium, go.)

    However, I do wonder, Cubs fans, if you might change your tune if you found out that a lot of free agents refused to come to Chicago because of the less nice accommodations (Clubhouse, training facilities, dugouts, etc.). Could Wrigley be why the Cubs are the “lovable losers?” Is the history more important than the chance to field a winning team? It’s a legitimate question I have no right to answer. What say you, Cubs fans?

  • TJJ

    Historically I think the bigger issue has been the day games. Players don’t like them, especially during the week. And in the past all the day games may have worn the

  • TJJ

    Team down. And it is a hard park for pitchers. Many pitching careers have fizzled at Wrigley. But flip side it is a great park for hitters. Winning solves most of this. One WS banner/ring and and the only factor will be what it most always is….money.