Educators and Salaries: Infographic

The Face of Government: Education infographic image [Source: U.S. Census Bureau]

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  • Randy Gabrielse

    This, no doubt, a fundamentally important graphic. But I had the privilege this weekend of spending time with educators who are not on the list, and generally are not paid anything.

    I spent five hours meeting with a mixed group, but predominately black women, who are community educators. These women are part of a non-profit that is promoting food security in very impoverished neighborhoods in Grand Rapids Michigan. They promote community gardens. But they also support studies of historical land use -what particular lots were used for in the past. This is fundamentally important to whether the land is safe for gardening. Lead, Arsenic, PBB, PCBs etc. can poison consumers, and particularly children if they are in the soil.

    I have long enjoyed being among such powerful teachers as these communities gather. Given some of the questions that they tackle as a group, I dare say that they provide better, more truthful, answers questions that society asks, than do many university professors. We recognize that university-trained, specialized knowledge is required at some points e.g. soil testing.

    But it is because of these folks that I am proud to say that my vocation is as a TEACHER.


  • nate s.

    well, i wouldn’t argue that educators should be paid well. but at least the average is higher than my IT salary…