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The Age Of Youthfulness
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An Ancient Document (RJS)
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An Ancient Document (RJS)
"Thanks, Scot. Any idea when the other volumes will begin to appear?"

A Series For Preachers

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  • Anonymous CofC’er

    This is so true!

  • Ha!!! Too funny.

    (Incidentally, I remember reading Scot McKnight when I was a Southern Baptist, and I couldn’t tell anyone either!)

  • Have been reading Jesus Creed for several years. I’m CofC and I never thought to tell or not tell. I would’ve thought J Creed was popular with lots of ChurchofChristers, the same ones who might read and approve of Max Lucado (he came from us) which is most everyone who is under sixty.

  • Diana Paige

    Life c of c’er and I just bought the book a few days ago. Totally get it! #rebelatheart

  • Tony Springer

    Really! CofC read a contemporary author?
    CofC do not read anything after 1906 (inside Campbellite joke).
    This Independent CC is thankful that some CofC read and write some great stuff (Harris, Holloway, Foster, Highfield, Allen, and many more).

  • Johnny Melton

    Didn’t know reading McKnight was taboo; Rubel Shelly maybe, but McKnight? No way.

  • Robert

    C of Co is not monolithic. This is just playing with a stereotype with some of them! The restoration movement is actually quite diverse!

  • I’ve read 7 books from McKnight and all were very insightful.
    Also read great stuff from Shelly and Melton 🙂

  • I’m CoC and my comments on this site are often more far out than anyone’s. However, I do use a pseudonym. It’s funny that I actually thought my web postings would generate impolite responses. It hasn’t been a problem at all, since virtually no one reads them. It’s similar to 30 years ago when I was defeated by golf. The first time I teed up, I was nervous wondering if I would hit the ball into the woods on one side or into the water on the other. I swung, and the ball was still there on the tee. I was so worried about hooks or slices that it never occurred to me that I wouldn’t even be able to hit the ball. Golf was easier after that. I just dumped all the balls into the nearest water hazard and went home. Sometimes I think I should do the same thing with blogs.

  • ao

    Hahaha. I love this. I’m a CoCer, and I’ve read everything you’ve written, and this tweet is exactly how I feel. I’m glad it’s on your radar now, Scot.

  • Jean

    Ok, I’m uninitiated. What’s the joke?

  • MK

    Lol! I preach at a conservative church of Christ and I have quoted you several times from the pulpit. So far so good! No questions asked… maybe everyone is just assuming that you are in the clear b/c surely I wouldn’t quote a non c of c author!