One Fund Boston

This is such wonderful news:

The One Fund Boston, set up by Mayor Thomas M. Menino and Gov. Deval Patrick to support Marathon bombing victims, has raised $20 million in just over one week.

“Boston is strong and made stronger by the outpouring of support,” Menino said at the announcement after he had visited with injured and their families. “Ken Feinberg will make sure this generosity makes it to victims as swiftly and responsibly as possible.”

Menino said $5 million was raised from over 50,000 individual donors contributing online at The remaining $15 million came from more than 60 corporate donors. So far, John Hancock, AT&T, Bain Capital, Partners Healthcare, New Balance and Liberty Mutual have all pledged $1 million each to the fund. Dozens of companies have invited employees and customers to give as well.

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