One Fund Boston

This is such wonderful news:

The One Fund Boston, set up by Mayor Thomas M. Menino and Gov. Deval Patrick to support Marathon bombing victims, has raised $20 million in just over one week.

“Boston is strong and made stronger by the outpouring of support,” Menino said at the announcement after he had visited with injured and their families. “Ken Feinberg will make sure this generosity makes it to victims as swiftly and responsibly as possible.”

Menino said $5 million was raised from over 50,000 individual donors contributing online at The remaining $15 million came from more than 60 corporate donors. So far, John Hancock, AT&T, Bain Capital, Partners Healthcare, New Balance and Liberty Mutual have all pledged $1 million each to the fund. Dozens of companies have invited employees and customers to give as well.

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  • Bill

    OK, I’ll probably get blasted for this, but do the victims of the Boston bombing need $20 million? I love to see people moved by a spirit of generosity, and God knows there are plenty of great uses to which their money can be put. But I wonder if we shouldn’t first determine where our resources are most needed, then commit them based on that.

    Having said that, may this money greatly bless those to whom it will be given.

  • Val

    Lifetime prosthetics aren’t cheap, some may need home care and physio. Many of those injuries aren’t one-time hospital visits, but a lifetime of consequences. Plus, that poor family that lost their little boy, also have the mom with brain damage and the sister with one or two aputations (and she is very young, so a childhood of operations are likely ahead for her). Who will care for the third child, a little boy while his dad is in the hospital with the mom and sister? Who pays for the funerals. I think the opposite, 20,000 for hundreds of victims may run out.

  • Val

    I mean $20, 000, 000 may run out before the needs are all met.

  • Barb

    and what about the support for all the children and adults who were present but not physically injured–what about the trauma that may daunt them for a lifetime? The cost of this act is huge and ongoing. What about the families/friends who were at home watching it? My good friend was there watching the finish as her daughter ran–she and those with her just left that area a couple of minutes before the blast. Her grandchildren were back here at home. They now realize how close death can come to them.

  • Gloria

    I think it is absolutely terrific that Americans can show their support by giving financially to the needs of the victims of the terrorist bombings in Boston! We are a generous nation and this is evidence of that.