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Getting out of the Doldrums

Jen Hatmaker’s wisdom with an attack plan for getting out of the doldrums, worth your read: None of these were executed at once. Over a few weeks, I just implemented healthier practices, one at a time. It was not revolutionary when I sat down with Alan Bradley’s latest novel finally (“Whenever I’m a little blue, [Read More…]

From the Shepherd’s Nook: John Frye

You Had Me at “Mary” In joining the global church in celebrating the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth from the dead, I probed into the unique encounter that Mary Magdalene had with her risen Lord. Pastors, always on the hunt to express in new ways the old, old Story, find themselves in this season pouring [Read More…]

Conformity to God means Conformity to Christ

God-likeness is Christ-likeness, and if Christ is the crucified one, then both God is cruciform and the Christian is designed to become cruciform. The call to holiness and to love is the call to be conformed to Christ and to God, and if God reveals himself in Christ’s love in the cross and resurrection, then [Read More…]

Bill Gates on Teacher Evaluations

From WaPo, by Bill Gates: While there is justification for rewarding teachers based in part on how their students perform, compensation systems should use multiple measures, including classroom observation. In top-performing education systems in other parts of the world, such as Singapore and Shanghai, accomplished teachers earn more by taking on additional responsibilities such as [Read More…]

Church is for Fellowship with…

… everyone. See this by Karen Yates? Too often we leave the job of hospitality, of friendliness and inclusiveness, to someone else (many times the already overextended pastor).  Just like high school, we walk into church and sit with our same friends in our same section. On the patio we approach the people we know, the [Read More…]

I’ll Be a Monkey’s Cousin (RJS)

I am often asked for book recommendations – accessible resources on evolution and the Christian faith, especially books for those without extensive scientific education; books useful for pastors, campus ministry workers, Christian parents, and such. About five years ago Daniel Harrell, then at Park Street Church Boston, now Senior Minister at The Colonial Church in [Read More…]

Individualism vs. Person

There is a radical difference between treating someone as an individual vs. treating someone as a person. That’s a strong claim, and there’s plenty of overlap — after all we’ve got an “I” and a “You” either way — but Andrew Root, in The Relational Pastor, sketches a thick description of the differences, and in this [Read More…]

Women in Ministry: Summer Course at Northern

This summer at Northern Seminary I will teach a public-open course on Women in Ministry. Here is a list of our summer offerings, and my course on Women in Ministry will be taught June 17-21. Here’s the official edu-scoop: Women in Ministry will focus on understanding, recognizing and encouraging the gifts God has given to [Read More…]

Using Commentaries by Women: John Piper’s Response

At Desiring God, Episode 56 of Ask Pastor John is about whether reading and quoting from a commentary written by a woman violates John’s reading of 1 Timothy 2:12. Here’s the link. I’ve heard other hiearchicalists respond to this question as John Piper responds and I would call what I have heard “exegetical gymnastics.” There [Read More…]

Learning from Lesbians (Jeff Cook)

This post is by Jeff Cook and describes what he has learned about the church and about the Christian faith from two lesbians in his church community in Colorado. My discussions with pastors around the USA have revealed to me that at the local level the presence (and the non-presence by exclusion) of persons who [Read More…]