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Driving Rules around the World: A Fun Infograph

Strange Driving Rules from around the world infographic [Read more…]

Breadwinner Moms

From USAToday: A record 40% of households with children include “breadwinner moms,” according to a report out today. These moms are the sole or primary source of income for households with children younger than 18, a Pew Research Center analysis finds. Theanalysis looked at data from the U.S. Census Bureau. “The share of households with children where there [Read More…]

Why Preach?

From the Shepherd’s Nook, a weekly column from pastor John Frye One rumor in pastoral land is that preaching does not foster Christian formation. Since Christian formation is vital, then as the rumor has it, the preacher is not. If by the rumor it means that preaching in itself does not produce full-blown Christian formation, [Read More…]

Most Mis-interpreted Bible Verses: What’s at the Top of Your List?

Brian Orme, at ChurchLeaders, lists his five most misused, overused, abused, misread and misinterpreted Bible verses. What is at the top of your list of most misused Bible verse? The Bible is a sharp, double-edged sword — able to piece the heart. However, when portions of the Bible are used in the wrong context, it’s [Read More…]

Goal of Teaching

Excellent set of ideas from Gary Gutting: I’ve concluded that the goal of most college courses should not be knowledge but engaging in certain intellectual exercises.   For the last few years I’ve had the privilege of teaching a seminar to first-year Honors students in which we read a wide range of wonderful texts, from Plato [Read More…]

I Know That My Redeemer Lives (RJS)

Should our interpretation of scripture, especially Old Testament texts be confined to the intent of the original author? Is it dangerous to see shades of later Christian understandings in the text? Late last fall I started a series of posts looking at the book of Job.  The book of Job is a profound and often overlooked [Read More…]

The Demands of Jesus: A Letter

From a campus minister, and used with permission: Is the Jesus Creed bad news? Where are you seeing this interpretation of the demands of Jesus? Let me first say how much I have enjoyed reading your books, specifically The Jesus Creed, One Life, & The King Jesus Gospel.  I am a Baptist campus minister in [Read More…]

I’ll Sign up for a New Left Shoulder

How about this? Australian researchers have isolated an immune system cell in salamanders which helps it regenerate missing limbs and damaged organs — and they suspect the same thing could work in humans, too. Salamanders, or axolotls, are unique among vertebrates in that they’ve got remarkable regenerative powers. Adults can literally regrow and restore function [Read More…]

Justin Holcomb’s Wise Words

This is so importantly true: Social psychology research on attitudes toward sexual assault has demonstrated that individuals in our society hold many prejudices about and negative views of sexual assault victims. Thus, victims often suffer not only from the trauma of the assault itself but also from the effects of these negative stereotypes. The result is that victims [Read More…]

How We Got our New Testament

It’s 45 AD and there is simply no New Testament, no collection of books that we now call the New Testament. There is not an authoritative set of documents to which you can go for determining what you believe, no texts that can be read in “public worship.” This Written Text dimension of our faith [Read More…]