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Patheos has now shifted Jesus Creed over to Disqus commenting, which means there will be some transitions… but the shift has  worked well on other blogs at Patheos so we are anticipating a smooth move.

Comments in the last day or two are in process of showing up again…

Thanks for all the comments you offer at this blog.

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  • Dave

    I just feel it is appropriate to leave a comment here.

  • scotmcknight

    If you are not seeing your comments appear, try again… using Disqus. It’s a good system.

  • RJS

    Is it possible to comment as a guest without registering with a social networking platform?

  • Jeremy B.

    It’s not bad once you figure out how to use it. The ability to subscribe to posts is nice! Of course, it defaults to newest comments to the top, which is a bit annoying if you’re looking to have an actual conversation, so you have to change it to “oldest.”

  • I’m thankful for the change. Robust commenting communities like this one deserve robust commenting systems.

  • AHH

    Here’s a bug that I find reproducible (on Internet Explorer).
    If, from the main J.C. page, you click on the link by the title that says “10 comments and 5 reactions” (as I’m used to doing to skip down to the comments for an entry I have already read), it goes to the bottom of the post but you never get to see the comments. Where the comments should be, you get 3 gears turning, and they just keep turning forever without the comments ever appearing.
    This also happened once when I jumped to a post of yours from the “More from the Evangelical Channel” links on another blog, but that one does not happen consistently.

  • kenny Johnson

    Testing out my own comment. Seems to be working!

  • Jeremy B.

    There still seems to be a huge problem with comment tracking though. I see this as “1 comment” when it’s six and I see another that says 8, when it shows none after you actually click through to the post. I’m also seeing older ones that I think are missing comments.

  • Ted M. Gossard

    I’ve never been able to get through yet on a blog using Disqus, as far as I can remember, anyhow. But here goes. Okay. So far so good.

  • Mark Farmer

    Excellent move. Had been wishing for some time that your site had the same comment thread possibilities as that of Rachel Held Evans.

  • AHH

    The “Recent Comments” on the right is broken — most recent one currently listed is from about 12 hours ago (and it doesn’t actually take you to the comment, just to the top of that post).

    I also see similar problems to what Jeremy B. mentioned.

    Have you given thought to whether comments should be numbered for reference as we have had in the past? If Disqus allows that option? That has advantages but less so if conversations can be nested.
    My clumsy fingers do like the ability to go back and edit a typo from a post. At least it looks like you can do that; I haven’t tested it.

  • Adam

    Here’s a bug that I find reproducible (on Internet Explorer).

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