Fitch Talking Hockey, SMcK Bored

David Fitch, my friend and colleague at Northern Seminary, in DC, asked to speak about Missio Alliance but instead….

… he starts talking about hockey and Max and hockey and … well… one-third of the way into the talk he starts talking theology.

Hockey, so I hear, a game for winter on ice is still being played.

Brother David, it’s baseball season. Put away the play sticks and get a bat.

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  • bubsblurbs

    Wait til he starts talking about the CFL.

  • scotmcknight


  • David Fitch

    Winnipeg Blue Bombers will actually have a field to play on this year eh?

  • RJS4DQ

    You don’t look bored

  • Andrew Dragos

    Those are fightin’ words, Scot. The last thing you want is hockey fans on here causing a ruckus.

  • scotmcknight

    Andrew, bring it on. Hockey is no more than soccer on ice. Soccer is for Europe, so too hockey. This is the USA, we play baseball, football and basketball. And we share with the UK a splendid gentleman’s game called golf.

  • Andrew Dragos

    Have you ever heard the sound of a puck being passed from stick to stick live? Or skates stopping on dime? Or a goal post get hit with the puck? What an incredible game. Not to mention hockey players are some of the most sportsman-like.

    9 innings of baseball gets boring. Basketball is full of floppers these days. Football is stop and go play. Golf is, well, golf.

    Scot, me thinks you’ve never even been to a game…

  • Derek McGuckin

    Sorry Scot, soccer isn’t just for Europe. It’s the worlds game!

  • Derek McGuckin

    Scot, a bit off topic. I’m auditing your class at regent this summer. Is their a course syllabus with books to read?

  • scotmcknight

    It is with Regent already.

  • What you have said about hockey has forced me to return to “Jesus Creed” and re-read it in earnest…. “Love my enemies. Love my enemies. Love my enemies.”