Olympic Venues: Check these out

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What happens to the Olympic villages and facilities? This is the story of the colossal waste of money, and lots of it … maybe there should be a movement to host the Olympics in 3 or 4 places in the world and rotate.

Sarajevo’s Olympic village…

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  • gingoro

    For me the whole Olympic games are a waste of money. Sure I like watching some events in the winter games but that does not justify all the money spent.

  • Rick

    There are also successes. In Atlanta, other than the tennis facility, the venues are in use. The Olympic Stadium was turned into the Braves stadium, the aquatic center is on the campus of, and used by Georgia Tech, the Olympic Village is now dorms for Georgia Tech, etc…
    Designing things for multi-use, or as temporary facilities that can easly be removed (Atlanta did that with the cycling venue), is a key factor to effeciently usings venues.

  • Tony Springer

    Sarajevo reused many buildings after its Olympics. The Serbs used many venues for target practices in its war with Bosnia as a part of the Balkans Wars (1992-1996). The Bosnians needed to use the major skating venue as a morgue for its citizens. Sad, but true for the city that set off the Great War. Fortunately, the city is recovering well in recent years.

  • PJ Anderson

    The whole article is a bit specious dont you think? It focuses on terribly maintained facilities without any presentation of ones that are being used as examples of excellent stewardship. Of the latter I think of Atlanta and Calgary of the top of my head.

    Also, look at the historical range here then compare the events confronting the counties/cities being named. Sarajevo always gets a bad rap in these, but seriously who would have thought that they would endure such a terrible civil war following their Olympics. The bombing and shelling alone has decimated the facilities. Then we have Greece which is suffering an economic disaster. The others, Berlin and London had to deal with a brief skirmish called World War 2.

    Now, Beijing, I think is a reasonable case. They clearly haven’t kept up the facilities which really doesn’t surprised anyone.

    The Olympics are wonderful events and should be rotated through host cities. They do good and bring prosperity to a region. I’m more concerned with the abandonment of traditional sports for trendy ones (e.g. Wrestling) than these host cities.

    Just some thoughts. Thanks for the post.