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Weekly Meanderings: May 4, 2013

One cool tree house: Helen Lee pushes Christian employers to consider the way of TJ’s: “As much as I love my local Trader Joe’s, and as much as I appreciate that they clearly value their crew members, a part of me wishes I could see Christian organizations making the news for their extraordinary people practices and for [Read More…]

Sleep Patterns

From Slate by Russell Foster: The biology of human sleep timing, like that of other mammals, changes as we age. This has been shown in many studies. As puberty begins, bedtimes and waking times get later. This trend continues until 19.5 years in women and 21 in men. Then it reverses. At 55 we wake [Read More…]

Music Wars Pushing Out Historic Elements of Worship

From Evangelicals and the Nicene Faith, ed. Timothy George, a Baker Academic book: Elizabeth Newman provides some clues as to how a Nicene faith might be lived out, and David Nelson shows how it should shape worship among Evangelicals, for ‘reading the Bible is simply too dangerous to do without the liturgical community’ (page 149). It may, [Read More…]

From the Shepherd’s Nook: John Frye

This post, by John Frye, is on the soterian gospel dilemma. Having our sins forgiven and being accounted righteous, all through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, are tremendous transformative realities. What is troubling is the cavalier manner which these weighty truths are culled out and presented in the soterian scheme. Has God used the [Read More…]

The Manly Man and the Son of Man

Alexander the Great, son of Philip of Macedon and heir of the great Macedonian empire, proved himself in battle and militarism, expanding the Macedonian empire through strategic military victories across Turkey (334, 333), the Holy Land (Coele-Syria, 332), Egypt (332), Babylon (331) and on into India (324). In 323 BCE he becomes ill in Babylon [Read More…]

Paul Krugman’s Economic Theory: Five Basics

From Paul Krugman: So, in order: 1. The economy isn’t like an individual family that earns a certain amount and spends some other amount, with no relationship between the two. My spending is your income and your spending is my income. If we both slash spending, both of our incomes fall. 2. We are now [Read More…]

Christian Parenting Question

From a reader and sometimes commenter… This family is looking for Bible curriculum for homeschooling children but who are themselves in public schools… but not the ordinary thing: Who has some recommendations? Books to read? Or a curriculum? Both my kids read Scripture for themselves (devotionally), and we talk with them when they have questions. [Read More…]

Being Drawn Toward the Future (RJS)

Daniel Harrell wraps up his book, Nature’s Witness: How Evolution Can Inspire Faith, with a reflection and a perspective that I don’t think we consider seriously enough. Christians have always believed all truth to be God’s truth, implying that science and faith, despite differences when it comes to explaining why, nevertheless should agree in regard [Read More…]

Academic Theology in the Third Reich

Those Americans who know Bonhoeffer tend to think about the church and theology under Hitler through Bonhoeffer’s experience. That is, harassed, spied upon, arrested, secretly tried, and eventually murdered. Bonhoeffer’s experience was not the norm for German theologians and pastors though neither was it atypical. Other kinds of experiences are known: Some capitulated to National [Read More…]

A New Idea for a Camp

Tech Detox: (CNN) — If your smartphone is attached to your hip, your blood flows like a Twitter feed and you’re fairly certain your eyes permanently see through an Instagram filter, then maybe it’s time to disconnect for a bit? A new summer camp aims to help adults take a break from technology for a weekend [Read More…]