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Where was God? There, upon the cross

Theodicy is an attempt to justify God or the ways of God before the bar of reason or experience. When calamities occur we often see two kinds of theodicies: some defend God’s honor and glory and love by pointing to the sinfulness of humans, while others tend to defend God’s ways by appealing to mystery [Read More…]

Mission, not ours, God’s: A Sermon (by Mark Stevens)

Our friend, Mark Stevens, down under in Adelaide, a wonderful spot on God’s green earth, wrote up this sermon and passed it on to me… I like it. I hope you do too. [By the way, Yes, I’d be glad to take a gander at your sermons for publication here.] One cold winter’s eve a [Read More…]

Trinity Sunday

Almighty and everlasting God, you have given to us your servants grace, by the confession of a true faith, to acknowledge the glory of the eternal Trinity, and in the power of your divine Majesty to worship the Unity: Keep us steadfast in this faith and worship, and bring us at last to see you [Read More…]

Eliminating Clutter Infograph

Conquer Clutter in a Month by Terrys Fabrics. [Read more…]

Sports in the Kingdom: Randy Alcorn

Randy Alcorn: Even in this fallen world, sports can bring out some very good things, including teamwork and the development of physical skills in our bodies that God has made. Can people abuse sports? Can they make it all about themselves? Can they become prideful and arrogant? Of course. We’ve all seen athletes who are [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings, May 25, 2013

If the earth had a ring like Saturn… The best ice cream parlors in the world — where there’s Blue Bell in Texas and don’t forget the piazza parlor in San Gimignano. Mal Green on preserving one’s reputation: “The seemingly relentless litany in recent church history of high-profile and no-profile Christian religious leaders being caught in [Read More…]

CJM, TG4G, TGC and Boz Tchividjian

Kris and I are with Boz Tchividjian, a former prosecutor and one deeply committed to fighting injustices against children, on this one. There is blatant failure here to recognize the complicity of a leader in what transpired under his watch. God have mercy. From Boz Tchividjian: Earlier this week, I read the second amended complaint filed [Read More…]

After Jesus, The Best Christian Ever?

Ian Morgan Cron says St Francis. What say you? Who, in your estimation wins the all-time, “most incredible Christian in history” prize? Call me crazy, but I vote for the guy who holds birdbaths up in people’s gardens—St Francis of Assisi. I knew zero about St Francis until I went through a spiritual crisis a [Read More…]

Can Grace be Overdone?

David Ravenhill: How to stay balanced? May I suggest two principles: (1) Let the Bible say what it says and avoid providing your explanatory apparatus. (2) Let the Bible’s balance be yours. That is, teach or preach or absorb Gal 1-4 and 5-6, Romans 1-11 and 12-16, Matthew 5-7 and the soteriology of the Gospels. [Read More…]

From the Shepherd’s Nook: John Frye

Pastors Preach, by John Frye My own vision of pastoral ministry in the North American context has been profoundly influenced by the person and writings of Eugene H. Peterson. Consider me a Petersonian in my view of the pastor and his or her place in the local church (see, e.g., Jesus Creed archives). I’ve heard [Read More…]