Dallas Willard’s Grand-daughter

From Larissa Wheatley, Dallas Willard’s grand-daughter at the funeral …  just a clip, so click on the link and read the whole thing at the High Calling:

I always wanted that voice to teach me at USC. And I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately and how that isn’t going to happen. But I realized while I was thinking about it, that he had already been teaching me more than I could ever have learned in school. He taught me how to learn and observe things without him saying anything. He taught me the importance of thinking, and the importance of taking time to choose your words. He taught me the importance of the little things.

The little things that he did were my favorite. And so were the big things. Everything he did was so loving and kind and unconditional. He had unconditional love for everyone that he met. That was another thing he taught me: Love everyone. I need to work on that one a little more. He had that one perfect, though.

All the little things he did added up every day, one by one, and showed how much he cared about you. Some of the little things he did for me really showed how much he cared, now that I look back on it. When he was in his study writing or typing on his computer, I would always try to sneak up and scare him. He would always act surprised to make me happy. That’s love.

And he also used to wave us off as we drove away. Now, some people will wave their family off for a little while, but he had a long driveway and he would wave goodbye to me from behind the white picket fence until we couldn’t see each other anymore. He would do it every time, without fail. It became our way of saying “I love you, and see you soon” without having to say anything.

“I love you, and see you soon” was the last thing I said to him. I will still see him soon in heaven. He told me in the hospital that if he passed, it wouldn’t be long until we resumed our life together.

The years to come without Grandpa will seem like nothing compared to the eternity that we will be spending together with the Lord, but it’s already been too long without him here. It’s been too long since I’ve held his strong, gentle, big, loving hands. It’s been too long since I’ve had a hug from my magnificent, strong, larger-than-life, teddy-bear-like, #1 Grandpa. It’s been too long since I got wisdom from the smartest guy I know.

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  • Craig Querfeld

    Thanks Scot for this post. What a touching tribute to Dallas Willard!