Missional vs. Attractional, Pro-Life Style

From CP:

WASHINGTON – The newest breakthrough in the pro-life movement isn’t a bill in Congress or a march on Washington: it’s a mobile ultrasound vehicle. Equipped with a team of Christian medical professionals, 22 mobile vehicles already visited 19 cities in the United States.

Michael Homula, executive director of ICU Mobile, shared the story on Wednesday at a Family Research Council event. ICU stands for Image Clear Ultrasound, but also sounds like “I See You,” as in “I see you in the womb.”

“We’re not interested in having a pro-life-mobile,” he said. “We’re very interested in appealing to women who are considering aborting their children.”

Homula laid out the weaknesses of traditional “brick and mortar” Crisis Pregnancy Centers – designed to welcome women in a crisis pregnancy. These institutions tend to be “baby-centric,” with family pictures on the walls. They have an openly Christian appearance, they can only help the women who go to them, and their few local brands cannot compete with the huge umbrella of Planned Parenthood.

ICU Mobile, on the other hand, aims to “go to women, rather than waiting for them,” and preaches “no judgment, coercion, or politics – just love, grace, and truth.” The neutral title ICU allows them to slip under the messy political radar and perform their ministry.

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  • candeux

    “The neutral title ICU allows them to slip under the messy political radar and perform their ministry.”

    But now the cat’s out of the bag…

  • Chuck Roberts

    Along those lines here’s an interesting article I read in D Magazine several months ago: http://www.dmagazine.com/Home/D_Magazine/2013/January/New_Face_of_Pro_Life_Movement_David_Pomerantz.aspx

  • Mindy Caliguire

    Hi Scot,

    I think you’d be interested in another ministry, with a similar objective: Caris. I’ve served with them over the past few years, and really resonate with their “third voice” attempt to bring grace back into the picture for everyone involved. Here’s their site: http://www.caris.org/

    I’m glad to know of other ministries bringing fresh energy and grace to a painful topic, often handled in painful ways.

    Thanks for bringing ICU to our attention!