Wedding Costs for Attenders

From USAToday:

According to the latest American Express Spending & Savings tracker, those of us with someone’s “big day” marked on the calendar can plan to fork over, on average, $539 per wedding!

Here’s how it breaks down:

• Travel: $167

• New apparel and accessories: $161

• Wedding gift: $108

So, what’s a celebratory, but sensible game plan?

For starters, remember that it’s the big days, plural, not day — engagement parties, showers, rehearsal dinners, bachelor and bachelorette parties, the wedding. Be sure to look at the overall event schedule and related costs. If you’re in the bridal party, you can expect to pay more, because there are other related costs.

Although there’s no exact formula, generosity shouldn’t mean running up a credit card tab you’ll still be paying down when the couple celebrates their first anniversary. How well you know the couple is a factor, and if they’ve given YOU a gift, you may want to reciprocate at a comparable level.

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  • Let’s see…

    • Travel: Unless it’s immediate family, I won’t be making it to any weddings that aren’t within reasonable driving distance.

    • New apparel and accessories: Ha! You’re kidding, right?

    • Wedding gift: $25 give or take.

  • david carlson

    If your in the wedding party, and not one of the parents, expect at least $1,000. Hotel (2 nights) meals, outings, last minute ice runs

  • John Meyer

    The last wedding we attended included flying to Arizona, renting a car, two night in a hotel, plus food, plus $100 for a git. I thought about sending the couple the money we spent on travel, etc., but instead attended the wedding.

  • danaames

    I wonder if the trend toward lavish weddings has something to do with trying to hedge against the odds of divorce.

    The most expensive wedding present I have ever given cost $45. If it involves air travel, unless it’s my child’s wedding I’m not going to attend.