Where’s Waldo David Fitch?

"Scientists shouldn't have to change their language in order to hide conclusions that make Christians ..."

Most Evangelicals Are Not Creationists? (RJS)
"Platypi are not weird. They're just sweet as. Cane toads on the other hand ..."

The Babylon Bee Non-Study Bible
"A mighty generous reading of Philemon there. Old Testament has most of the best lines. ..."

The Babylon Bee Non-Study Bible
"Well, I'm beginning to feel like Socrate's statement that "I know nothing except the fact ..."

A Wrath-less God Has Victims (by ..."

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  • Rick

    Congrats to the fans of the ‘Hawks.
    I hope you, Scot, were at least a little happy for your hometown team.

  • scotmcknight

    Watched every game.

  • scotmcknight

    Watched every game, Rick. Great series.