Bias Revealed

An excellent infographic about how Western research skews results, from Best Psychology Degrees:

Is American Psychology Normal?
Source: Best Psychology Degrees


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The Jules Woodson Story: #churchtoo
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The Jules Woodson Story: #churchtoo
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The Jules Woodson Story: #churchtoo

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  • Andrew Dowling

    Yes, but the intended audience is from the developed West as well. I don’t think many try to juxtapose a study on dating habits of college students to 19 year olds in a Sudanese village.

    That said, one always has to look at the methodology and survey parameters of any study. Lots which get headlines nowadays are actually utter garbage.

  • Cobus van Wyngaard

    But to reduce this bias to “culture” also reveal some problematic biases. A report a few years ago better pointed out that this group is also fairly rich and educated (among other things).