The City with the Best Pizza is…?

According to this report, unsurprisingly, is Chicago. But that’s not quite right. The BEST pizza, hands down (hear this, Lee Strobel?), is Mundelein IL at Bill’s Pizza and Pub. Hands down. Best.Pizza.Ever. (Just ask Jim Wallis. It’s where he got all his ideas. Go ahead and ask him.)

There are some things that exist only in New York, but the city’s traditional foldable, thin-crust pizza is no longer one of them.

“These days, you can find decent, or even excellent, New York–style pizza in almost any medium-sized to large city in America,” says Brooklyn-based writer Jeff Turrentine. “But finding even passable Chicago-style pizza outside of Chicago—that still poses a challenge.”

That only-in-Chicago factor helps explain why the Windy City once again won the No. 1 spot for best pizza city, according to Travel + Leisure readers. This year’s America’s Favorite Cities survey—in which readers rank 35 cities for such enticements as luxury storeslive music, and good-looking locals—revealed voters’ reverence for Chicago’s deep-dish magic.


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  • For Chicago Pizza, I like Pizanos on Madison, on the Loop.

  • Susan_G1

    OK, I know this isn’t in the spirit of the post, but when I went to Rome, I felt like I was having real pizza for the first time. It was unbelievable. And everywhere. and not at all like ours. The first piece I had was squash blossom pizza. They don’t fool around over there. In Naples, Italians eat pizza with a knife and fork. If you pick it up and fold it, they know you’re from another country.

    The best pizza I’ve had in the US was in Bridgeport, CT.

  • scotmcknight

    OK, admission time: our pizzas in Italy were outstanding. Yes, thin crust. No one folds them.

  • Oh please. Apart from Gino’s East, Chicago pizza is a distant second (if that) to the vast majority of NYC pizzerias. Even so, I do understand how easy it can be to be decieved – some probably think the best hot dogs are not from Coney Island. ツ

  • Umm, not to drop countries here but the absolute best pizza I have ever had was in Catania which is a city on the eastern side of the island of Sicily. A close second would be Punch, a chain of pizzerias in the Twin Cities.

  • Well, I was taken by surprise because the tweet was “Who makes the best pizza” and to that question my daughters swear by my pizza from scratch (which I’m about to make right now). Now that might appear to demonstrate arrogance, but I really trust my daughters’ judgment…I’d hate to say anything disparaging about their opinions and taste…8^)

  • scotmcknight

    Take them to Bill’s and then let me know.

  • craig cottongim

    We’ve moved to Tennessee, a wasteland when it comes to pizza… But, having grown up in the Chicagoland area, and having lived in Naperville the first 28 years of my life, hands down Al’s Pizza in Warrenville is the best pizza on earth!

  • Fernando

    Sheesh. The best city for pizza is São Paulo, Brazil. Nobody else comes c,ose!

  • Are you kidding me? And risk losing my reputation with my daughters? Now, perhaps if I get an opportunity I might make my way to Bill’s and utilize my complete unbiased opinion…

  • Jason

    Making me hungry. Fat Sullys is the best we have here in Denver…

  • Steven Winiarski

    I have had pizza all across the U.S. and am proud to say that the best Pizza can be found in my hometown of Buffalo, NY, where pizza is served as a side with a bucket of chicken wings!

  • KentonS

    “It’s where [Jim Wallis] got all his ideas.”

    …and… that’s supposed to be an endorsement???

  • John W. Frye

    I don’t call anything other than Gino’s Pizza (Chicago) pizza. Hands down, the best!
    BTW, Ukraine makes an attempt at good pizza.

  • metanoia

    If I told you I made the best pizza, I’d be bragging. If I told you I didn’t, I’d be lying. 😉

  • You’re after my own heart… 8^)

  • nate shoemaker

    a bit ironically, i’d take a Chicago Dog over a Coney as well… 🙂