Why Teachers Quit

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  • Jakeithus

    Interesting discussion, that touches on me personally. I decided to “quit” teaching during my 4 month practicum that was the final step needed for me to earn my degree. Teachers face challenges and workloads that I don’t think you can prepare for until you are actually in the situation, so whether or not a person can handle them can only be determined when one is actually in the job. Personally, once I realized I didn’t have the passion required to give me the will to overcome the challenges, quitting was the only move that made sense.

    While I got plenty of comments along the lines of “Why didn’t you just stick it out and finish your degree?”, those who know consistently said “It’s better you realize that and get out early”.

  • Barb

    I wanted to quit after the first day–but I lasted two years. That was 40 years ago. I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t meant to be a teacher at that time. Now, however, I love to teach and give these gifts to my church.

  • Adam

    Is the turn-over measured here people who left teaching or changed schools? That’s a pretty significant distinction.

  • RobS

    I don’t see it mentioned (or discussed much) but I always wonder what the percentage is for young ladies that get married and decide to start their family as a reason for leaving the teaching profession? Granted, some return some time in life (or apply their skills teaching other things).

    My wife taught two years and then worked three more years at a church before taking time off for the kids, but that’s how it happened.