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The Age of Earth (RJS)

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in a workshop on Evolution and Christian Faith that is a part of the BioLogos grant program. As I noted in my last post it is always refreshing to be part of a gathering that values intellectual engagement with our faith and incorporates worship into the meeting.  [Read More…]

“It’s easy to be pacifist in Indiana. Try Gaza!”

Non-Violence in the Early Church *The following post is adapted from Preston Sprinkle’s forthcoming book: Fight: A Christian Case for Non-Violence (Colorado Springs: David C. Cook, 2013), 187-207. Preston’s book is due to release on August 1. If the early church was pacifist, or close to it, would that impact your views for today? One [Read More…]

Tipping: To ban or not?

What do you think about tipping? What’s a better practice? Source So I was thrilled to hear that New York City’s Sushi Yasuda recently decided to eliminate tipping altogether. Including gratuity for parties of six or more has already become relatively commonplace; in a few restaurants, like Thomas Keller’s Per Se and The French Laundry, it’s [Read More…]

What Kuyper Said

What Abraham Kuyper said about religion can be said about the gospel. Here’s Kuyper: Of course, religion, as such, produces also a blessing for man, but it does not exist for the sake of man. It is not God who exists for the sake of His creation; — the creation exists for the sake of God [Read More…]

Who Says What’s an Egalitarian?

Before I get to “The Chart,” I turn to Katelyn Beaty, of CT: Many scholars have noted that “traditional gender roles”—defined as a husband working outside the home while a wife stays home with children—are a relatively new phenomenon in human history. Take, for example, the world of the Bible, wherein most husbands and wives [Read More…]

Where are you on the Imitation Question?

What’s the Imitation Question? What is the one thing Paul teaches “everywhere in every church”? Paul teaches his own way of life, his “ways in Christ… everywhere in every church” (1 Cor 4:17). Thus, Jason Hood opens his excellent new book on imitation, Imitating God in Christ: Recapturing a Biblical Pattern. But that leaves the question: [Read More…]