Stay Scared, My Friends


"Just to add a little perspective, the white Catholic vote went for Trump 60% as ..."

Bury The Word “Evangelical”
"Thanks for mentioning our brother and sister Evangelicals in the rest of the world. These ..."

Bury The Word “Evangelical”
"Simply, no other president has threatened to launch a nuclear missile which would cause the ..."

Bury The Word “Evangelical”
""The difference is largely one of accessibility and tone." If slander is a matter of ..."

Bury The Word “Evangelical”

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  • craig cottongim

    We did something similar:

  • Barb

    these are great–are there more?

  • AHH

    Just click on the “Source” link at the bottom to see the collection.

  • Susan_G1

    Don’t miss the comments section:

    “‘I don’t always work around the house, but when I do I prefer to take
    out the garbage. Stay complementarian, my friends.’ –Wayne Grudem”

  • Nathan Smith

    Can’t help myself after having seen the full list…

    “I don’t always pick white western men to be the most interesting theologians in the ‘WORLD,’ but when I do, I make sure the African looks like a white guy. Stay interesting and white my friends.” – Out of Ur

  • patriciamc


  • MatthewS

    These are funny and clever