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  • Dianne P

    I suppose there might be no responses to this… introverts??? But bringing to mind a wonderful spiritual friend who happens to be an introvert, I want to thank you for this post.

    I think there is some of the introvert in all of us, at least there is some in me, when I just crave alone time with God. A bit challenging in the context of the western church that seems to want 24/7 action, action, action. The more that I traverse this road called life with God, the more that I crave alone time with Him/Her*. And the more that I am drawn to the monastic/contemplative side. Is wanting more time with God being an introvert?

    *(God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.)

  • Amanda B.

    Everyone needs some alone time, and everyone needs some human contact. The gauge of introversion/extroversion mostly has to do with whether you feel charged up or run down after spending time around a big group of people.

    Introverts don’t instantly have a meltdown in a crowd, and extroverts don’t instantly develop cabin fever if left alone. Just like an introvert can go to a party and genuinely enjoy it, an extrovert can pray by themselves and have an amazing time. *Maybe* introverts will take to contemplative prayer more quickly, but it’s a discipline that I believe extroverts can (and should!) engage in, to the extent that God is leading them that way in any given season. So no, I don’t think contemplative prayer is a gauge of introversion.

    But hey, I’m a pretty pronounced introvert, so I can’t speak for extroverts in that regard. :)

  • Adam

    Susan Cain’s book Quiet has been a great read about introverts for me.