Vivaldi Ramped Up a Notch

"I very much appreciate John Walton’s work. He walks a fine line because he understands, ..."

An Ancient Document (RJS)
"To tell the story of the dawn of the age of authenticity is to show ..."

The Age Of Youthfulness
"We are likely in agreement -- language often gets in the way. For example, I ..."

An Ancient Document (RJS)
"I worry, a little, we emphasize the literalness of these stories too much. For example, ..."

An Ancient Document (RJS)

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  • Susan_G1

    very interesting, skillful, and dynamic! Must say I though that I appreciate the original better.

  • Steve Cuss

    Wow, as a guitarist, I’m blown away. Incredible skill and interpretation of a classic

  • just fantastic!