What are you doing about it?

From CNN:

(CNN) — When Fred Goodall went shopping recently in Houston with his 12-year-old daughter, finding a dress took a “long time” because most were too low cut, and some even offered the bare midriff look.

“Wow, this is not clothing for children, this is clothing for older adults,” Goodall, a freelance writerBabble.com contributor and father of three, recalled thinking at the time.

In interviews with moms and dads from across the country, I heard his complaint echoed again and again: The current fashion choices for tween and young teen girls are too sexy, too skimpy, too short.

A mom of three who goes by the name “Miss Lori” online says what she calls the “Shorty McShort Shorts” in the stores are a problem.

“Because all the styles are this way … you run up against that wall as a parent, ‘But Mom, everybody else is wearing that, why are you so uptight?’ ” said the kids television host and social media specialist.

Mike Adamick, a stay-at-home dad in San Francisco, pointed to the swimsuit choices he and his 7-year-old daughter encountered recently.

“There was a lot of string and barely any material,” the blogger and author of the book “Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects” said.

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  • 4thegloryofgod

    There is room for a new franchise of stores catering to a more modest set and that just might rescue the hollywoodization of children’s clothing.

  • PatientAthiest

    As a father of 3 daughters I can attest to the fact that clothes begin at skimpy, and only get smaller from there. I really wish there were more reasonable options that didn’t look like the designers at Hello Kitty got their inspiration from watching late night cable movies.

  • MatthewS

    I recently read this, to do with the same concerns: http://candacecameronbure.net/practically-speaking/modest-shorts-for-teens-is-there-such-a-thing/

    I don’t have daughters. This can’t be easy for parents right now.

  • Susan_G1

    Order clothes online from suppliers who deal with more modest lines of clothing. They’re out there for just this reason.