Ugly Churches


Fans of baroque church design are sometimes accused of snobbery. Yet after readers peruse this kaleidoscope of ugly houses of worship, you will likely have a little more sympathy for the stodgy.

Not only are these artistic innovations ugly, but also bizarre, weird, dumb, and gross. These holy train wrecks come to you from Monroe, Ohio to Uvari, India. Gaze upon these Catholic chapels and cathedrals, nondenominational megachurches, Baptist buildings, and even one mosque for good measure.

There is something to be said of the effect truly bad architecture has on a worshiper, but that’s for another time. For now, prepare to laugh, cry, and simply be in awe that such eyesores actually exist.

My favorite is pictured. I can’t take #35 seriously.

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  • Jim West

    oh man that’s a box. i would be completely claustrophobic in it.

  • Steve_Winnipeg_Canada

    Until I looked at these I thought we had an ugly church building. An old medical clinic converted into a meeting place. The lead in the walls of the old x-ray room stills messes up WiFi something fierce.

    Interesting how so many of these look like they were very expensive to build. So many churches these days struggle to have adequate meeting space and there are these costly monsters out there.

  • Ben Hammond

    Some of the buildings at the source link at pretty cool.

  • Steven McCurdy

    Maybe I’m crazy but I don’t think a lot of these are ugly. At least not really ugly.

    They certainly are excessive though.

  • Chuck Roberts

    #35 Does the service begin with the words, “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your pastor speaking. Please direct your attention to the front of the cabin as your worship attendant goes over some important worship instructions”?

  • Daniel

    #2 Touch down Jesus Church near Cincinnati actually got struck by lighting a few years ago. They rebuilt it. Ironically, Larry Flint has a shop across the interstate. If it had been the one to get struck by lighting, they would have called it an act of God’s judgment. I guess God’s aim was little off that day.

  • Allen Browne

    How about a cardboard church building?
    Following an earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, a local church erected a cardboard structure designed to last 50 years:

  • A few of these are nice and Church by the Sea in Madeira Beach, Florida is just humorous. But most of them are NOT places that inspire me.