Would you do this?

A father wears embarrassingly short shorts to get his daughter’s attention about her shorts. Kris heard a mom say she warned her daughter of what she was wearing by picking her up at school in front of everyone by wearing her hair rollers.

Would you do this?

A Utah dad got so fed up with his teen daughter’s too-short shorts that he taught her a fashion lesson she’ll never forget. Scott Mackintosh publicly modeled his own version of his daughter’s Daisy Dukes and, in the process, became an Internet hero.

“I simply did this in hopes that my daughter would know of my great love for her and that she knows of her great worth,” Scott Mackintosh told the Deseret News about the photo of himself in cutoffs, which has since become a Tumblr sensation.  “Now that it has gone viral, I hope that young women everywhere understand their great worth. I will look like an idiot any day if that point gets across.”

The story behind the trail of Mackintosh’s short-shorts photo is as old as the Internet, beginning when his daughter posted it on Tumblr; and as of Thursday it has received over 130,000 notes from fans of the image.

“My mom told me to change my ‘slutty’ shorts before we went to dinner,” was how daughter Myley described the photo. “I said no. So my dad cut his jeans to fit in. We went to dinner and then mini golf like this.”

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  • Susan_G1

    Yes, but I’m not sure she got the message if she posted it and thought it was cool… Good dad. Can’t respond privately with a similar question, so feel free to remove, but here’s another dad’s sacrifice in clothing for his child. http://front.moveon.org/this-amazing-dad-wears-a-skirt-so-his-son-can-too/#.UjNqz7wmz4h

  • Alastair J Roberts

    ‘There are dozens of us! Dozens!’

  • Larry S

    Love it!!

    If I had better looking legs and butt I’d consider doing it.
    Luckily my 2 daughters are married off

    I have a 4 year old granddaughter and wonder what her style sense might end up being. Presently, she favors appears to favour nudism. In ten or so years showing off my skinny legs and butt in public might get me trundled off to an old-folks home

  • smurf

    I’m thinking that it wouldn’t work and I think there are much better ways to teach modesty to children and that it must start when they are young and parents are actually dressing them. Most kids don’t buy their own clothes anyway–don’t buy them stuff you don’t want them to wear. I was luck that my daughter was for some reason was extremely modest by nature and also totally unmoved by fads. I remember that my husband once said “why does she dress like a boy?” and then when he was in the girls dept he saw some of the clothes and was glad she chose her clothes differently. She seems to have no clothing issues now at 24.

  • Tom F.

    Hmmm, dad helpfully using humor to defuse conflict between mother and daughter and to communicate her worth in an objectifying culture…win.

  • metanoia

    The fundamental breakdown happened way before this incident. The parents should have been teaching the daughter about preserving her dignity and resisting our culture of objectification of women during the earliest formative years. Having raised a daughter who is modest and well balanced socially, I give credit to her mother for teaching her how to be a lady. To this day, I fondly remember her coming to me every Sunday morning and asking, “How do I look?” I took great pleasure it affirming the wardrobe choices that her mother taught her to make. Start when they are young. Like 4 years old young.

  • I think the linked story was very heartwarming.

  • The dad can wear what he wants, but I don’t think I would go along if he was trying to shame or embarrass his daughter. Besides, short shorts on a middle-aged man is not the same as short shorts on a younger girl.
    Sometimes we get too caught up in clothing issues instead of heart issues.

  • a_leah

    It’s tempting to suggest that ANOTHER dad (whose daughter has a very similar first name, hint, hint) get a buzz cut and lick sledgehammers while twerking! But I think it’s too late for that daughter. She’s past her teens.

  • a_leah

    The fashion industry is a big problem. Boys get to wear modest shirts and look cool, but they make them too micro-mini short for girls! If magazines had pictures of beautiful models wearing longer shorts, every teenage girl would want a pair.

  • Susan_G1

    Thank you. And one not likely to be featured on an evangelical website. I think that Dad is a real hero… like the one here, willing to look foolish to make a point, but in this case, to affirm his son.

  • Agreed!