Flip Flops and Your Feet

From ZocDoc:

Via ZocDoc and NY Daily News.

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  • John Orr

    Actually, the barefoot/natural walking/running movement would probably beg to differ. The issue is with how we walk rather than what we wear on our feet. And, arguably, it’s the use of ‘normal’ shoes which has compromised our gait and left us open to such problems.

  • smurf

    so I had to quit wearing mine after plantar fasciitis struck (not exactly caused by them but not helped by them either). this summer it was Chacos everyday–I love them.
    I’m always surprised here in the NW of the number of people who still wear flip-flops in the winter (and by “people” I mean college students 🙂

  • Susan_G1

    anecdote: I walked barefoot for a significant part of my life well into middle age.
    I had no lower extremity problems until developing plantar fasciitis about 5 years ago. Compared to age-related friends/family, my feet are much better than average.

    Heel spurs and certainly bunions do not arise from wearing flip flops.

    The above is good, common sense advice, but I wouldn’t worry about it too much.
    There are far too many variables to take into account (e.g., just how much weight are you putting on that heel?) There have been studies of populations that are barefoot all their lives wherein their foot health is better than in developed nations.
    It is thought to be a result of walking on uneven surfaces strengthening the foot’s support structures.

    Maasai barefoot technology footwear is not superior to good running shoes. They do feel good, however.

  • And to think we weren’t created with proper fitting footwear. Millions of people get around just fine without proper footwear. In fact, I think the sandals that Jesus wore weren’t exactly podiatry friendly. I know of several Roma men that I work with whose feet are tougher than shoes.