10 Old English Words for Your New Vocabulary

I like these two. Which is your favorite?


“It’s time to check whether you’ve got your keys and your phone and your purse or wallet. This is done by grubbling in your pockets. Grubbling is like groping, except less organised. It is a verb that usually refers to pockets, but can also be used for feeling around in desk drawers that are filled with nicknacks and whatnot.”


“Mugwump is a derogatory word for somebody in charge who affects to be above petty squabbles and factions. So when your boss tries to make peace at the meeting table like an impartial angel, he is being a mugwump.”

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  • ChrisG

    I understood a mugwump to be one who sits on the fence with his ‘mug’ on one side and his ‘wump’ on the other.

  • AHH

    And according to the dictionary it isn’t “old English” at all; it’s an American coinage from the 1800s.
    It was interesting to read that the story one hears about “vomitorium” is a modern myth.