The Most Common Birthdays (Infographic)


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  • BryanJensen

    More summer births indicative or more people “getting it on” as cold season weather moves in? And with so many hospital-scheduled-and-induced births that now happen may that accounts for anomalous days like the 4th of July holiday?

  • Mike Inman

    November/December/January = Cold months with nothing to do in the “cabin” So to beat the “boredom” they use the “Bedroom” ha ha

  • I’m wondering why there’s such a high concentration on Valentine’s Day compared to the relatively light number of births in February. Not that I doubt people would try, but there can’t possibly be that many more people forcing births to happen on that day compared to the rest of the month.

    Otherwise, it does make sense for the other holidays; people avoid births on 4th of July (abrupt lightness there), Christmas (suddenly lighter during that week, significantly darker after), and New Year’s Eve (suddenly lighter than December 30).

  • look at the infrequency of births around Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  • Angie Rines

    Wow there are no birthdays on Feb 30 and 31

  • Andrew Holt

    The sociological implications of this chart are staggering. It would be interesting to see a generational breakdown of this info. Are younger generations planning the births of their children more than previous generations? Fascinating.

  • Guest

    Interesting to see so many births on Dec 28-30… but few on Jan 1-7… are those “tax deduction” c-sections?…