Myers Briggs: The Infographic

Myers-Briggs Personality Socio-Economic Status

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  • RJS4DQ

    I agree with the opening paragraph. Insight into typical weaknesses is in many ways the most useful part of the Myers-Briggs assessment.

    Mine hit more or less dead on, and recognizing that is important.

    Added: I read somewhere awhile ago that INTP is laid back and undemanding (you don’t find helicopter parents in this group) but explosive when it comes to things they care deeply about. This chart lists similar strengths and weaknesses. As some who read this could attest, this is certainly true of me. Especially when it comes to something I’ve put a lot of thought into. Perhaps the remedy is to simply not care.

  • Pat68

    Haha! I’m arrogant and insensitive (INTJ). Sometimes that applies.

  • Interesting to see the earnings breakdowns of the various types. I never knew there were so few “Rationalists” in the world.

  • I’m pretty much either a INFJ or ENFJ my I and E is split fairly marginal like 1% on one of the test. Both the pros and cons for each do seem to be present in me as well.

  • So I got totally sidetracked this morning reading about the differences between S and N on the MBTI. Conclusion: I’m an INTJ, but I behave more like an ISTJ due to my conservative upbringing. Thanks for the fun infographic!

  • As a fellow INTP, I wholeheartedly agree!

  • Haha. Bottom of the salary ladder. Figures. But I can sleep at night.