To recap:
Mac OS X Mavericks is free and available today.

There are updated 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pros and both are available starting today. The 13-inch starts at $1,299, the 15-inch at $1,999.

The Mac Pro has a price tag, $2,999, but the release date is still a vague “later this year.”

iLive and iWork are both getting update for Macs and iOS devices. To stay on theme, they are available staring today.

There is a new full sized iPad and it has a new name: iPad Air. It is thinner and faster and lighter than the previous iPad. It starts at $499.

The iPad 2 is still available for $399.

The iPad mini is now available with the high-res Retina display and will start at $399. It’s also packing a speedy A7 processer.

The older iPad Mini is still around and will cost $299.

Tucking in shirts is passé.

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