We are SO over Mary

When I wrote my little book The Real Mary I learned about girls’ names in the USA and how “Mary” used to be #1 all over the USA. Here’s a link to 60 years of girls’ names, from 1960 to the present popularity, though nowhere close to former levels, of Sophia:

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  • Steve

    I wonder if this survey took into account the Latin-America permutations, like Maria. Or some European versions, like Marie.

  • JamesG3

    Funny. I lived in NY and am now back in TX, and I don’t think I’ve met a Sophia yet. It would be interesting to see the breakdowns within states by region/counties.

  • smurf

    Unless you run with the under-5 crowd you probably wouldn’t.

  • JamesG3

    I’ve got a five year old, am a minister to a church that focuses a lot on young families, volunteer with schools, camps, a preschool, VBS, etc., etc. So yeah, I hang with the <5 crowd quite a bit.

  • Rodney Reeves

    Sophia may be in trouble in Illinois. Our daughter, Emma, recently moved to Chicago.